Project name:Prototype development of transportable in multimodal traffic mobile space testing facility “Metamorphosis”
Short title of the project:Metamorphosis
Project implementation agreement number:ERAF
Funding:ERAF “Support for applied research”
CVS role in the project:partner
Current status:In the process of implementation
Project start date:01.05.2019.
Project finish date:30.04.2022.
Funding grantor name:Central Finance and Contracts Agency
Cooperation partner:Riga Technical University (RTU)
Total funding of the project:Total funding of the project 646 189,40 eur.
Project Summary:  
Project aim: to develop a prototype of the mobile testing facility “Metamorphosis” (MSTF), transported in an intermodal traffic environment on the base of industrial research and to achieve MSTF Technology Readiness Level from TRL2 to TRL4 (under European Space Agency (ESA) scale) for further evolution of the project.  
Project Category: Industrial Research, Non-Commercial Project.
Fields of Research and Development: 2. Engineering and Technology (2.3. Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics).
The main result of the project: MSTF prototype, developed as a result of industrial research and suitable for intermodal transportation. It is assumed that MSTF will allow to carry out development work and perform the necessary tests for validation, verification, qualification and approval of the OEMs (Original equipment manufactures) products according to ESA ECSS requirements, i.e. the ECSS-E-ST-10C standard. It will allow a great number of small companies and institutes to enter the European and world market of space components in accordance with the requirements of ESA and NASA, thus providing a great boost for the European space industry altogether. The product of project implementation is unique and has no comparative analogues (all existing testing facilities are stationary – fixed in buildings). Achieving the project aim will prove of the mobile testing facility “Metamorphosis” concept.
The project will carry out the following activities:
Works to be done by RTU: Strengthen calculation of MSTF prototype, development of the set of design documentation and 3D CAD models, dissemination of the results of this research, intellectual property protectionWork to be done by CVS: MSTF prototype vacuum and thermal calculations, design of prototype working algorithm, development of prototype.
Working together:
Software development, prototype testing, industrial research.
Published on CVS website: 16.05.2019

Project publication:

Progress of the project during the period 01.02.2021-30.04.2021  Date of publicity: 30.04.2021.
Progress of the project during the period 01.11.2020- 31.01.2021  Date of publicity: 31.01.2021.
Progress of the project during the period 01.08.2020- 31.10.2020  Date of publicity: 31.10.2020.
Progress of the project during the period 01.05.2020-31.07.2020 Date of publicity: 31.07.2020.
Progress of the project during the period 01.02.2020-30.04.2020 Date of publicity: 30.04.2020.
Progress of the project during the period 01.11.2019-31.01.2020 Date of publicity: 31.01.2020.
Progress of the project during the period 01.08.2019-31.10.2019  Date of publicity: 31.10.2019.
Progress of the project during the period 01.05.2019-31.07.2019  Date of publicity: 31.07.2019.

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